The Next Hair Experience is a direct debit program that allows you to pay off your Next hair appointment in installments. Just like a layby, you can set the amount that you would like to contribute into your own personal account. By the time you come in for your next hair experience your service fee could be paid in part, or in full by the funds you’ve deposited into your Next Hair Experience account, eliminating the stress of large, one-off service bills.

How does it work?

You select what contribution (minimum $10) will be made from your account each week into your personal Next Hair Experience fund. This amount can be set up to cover the services that you require at your future appointments. You can access the accumulated funds anytime you have an appointment at one of our salons. If your service bill exceeds the amount of your accumulated funds, you can settle the remaining balance using normal payment methods.

How can I sign up?

You can sign up online at any time by filling out our online application form. Simply select the amount that you would like to contribute to your account each week and provide us with the credit/debit card details that you would like to use and you’re done!

What are the benefits?

Imagine turning up to your Next Hair appointment only to find the bill has already been paid. Sounds amazing, right? Paying for your Next appointment has never been easier than with the Next Hair Experience.

Ever been to a salon and spent the entire time worried that the final bill will exceed your budget? Now, you can skip the hassle of large service bills by paying in installments, meaning your Next Hair appointment could be paid before you even walk through the door. Knowing you’re covered means you can sit back, relax and enjoy your Next Hair Experience.

Next International Hair Salon’s flexible payment options offer the perfect answer to eliminating large service bills and providing stress free hair

What can I use the funds in my account to pay for?

You can use the funds in your account to pay for any products or hair services that are purchased at any of our salons.

Are the funds available in all Next International Hair Salons?

Yes, absolutely! You can set up an account at any of our Salons and you can access your funds to pay for any service at any of our salons. It’s just that simple!

How did the Next Hair Experience come about?

We want to give everyone in the Gold Coast region the opportunity to have an amazing Next International Hair Salon Experience. The Next Hair Experience is about our valued clients having access to the best stylists the hairdressing industry can offer and doing so on their own terms – free of the stress of large service bills at the end of each appointment.

The Next Hair Experience makes this possible by allowing clients to pre-plan their financial commitment to their hair care. This kind of forward-planning is common in lots of other areas of our lives, such as gym memberships, healthcare, home loans, even food plans and skin care packages can be prepaid – it helps us to stay on top of our budget, so why not with hair services too?

Are there any lock in contracts?

No, of course not. You are welcome to cancel your contributions at any time and any remaining funds can be spent at any of our salons. You can cancel your contribution by filling out our Modify Subscription Form. Please note that we require 5 business days to process any modifications to your account.